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All about cooking is on my blog.  Why this particular topic, cooking is my passion and I really enjoy cooking delicious dishes. For me it is something great to put on my kitchen apron and just cook. Sometimes my mood of cooking may vary from cooking course meal or bakeries. The kitchen is also the place I relax; cut apart from studies, there is nothing which disturbs me. There is me, the ingredients, the oven, the gas oven and there is no assignments which is going to disrupt this amusing and the relaxing moment. When I’m cooking, I’m in some other world and this is great. Nothing else comes to the mind.

My kitchen also becomes the place where I do some experiment in cooking. I try to bring the cooking in my way, I sometimes alter the ingredient. Sometimes I will add something new to the recipe. 1 new thing to a recipe is a new recipe and this can be very good as being very bad as well. I mainly do this change in recipe when I’m preparing main course dishes with chicken or meat. I just try to cook it in my way and according to the new taste I want to give it.

There is now the trend to cook healthy, so I try to use as less oil as possible and use ingredients that does good to the body and put aside those which can be harmful on the long run.

During week-end I cook and on special occasions I do the cooking. When I’m out camping with my buddies, it is me who turns to be the cook. During parties at a friend’s place or mine, I turn in into the leading cook or the chef. Obviously cooking alone will be a very difficult task and very time consuming. Cooking with friends and family is one other reason I chose to do my blog on cooking. This brings a lot of fun to cook all together. The photo which visually represents me shows how me and my friends are cooking all together. This is one other reason why I have chosen to do the blog on cooking as cooking reflects this idea of sharing and on my blog as well, where all those who share the same passion as me can share their cooking experiences with me.


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