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The name is Rizvi Dabeedyal and the age is 21 and the address is Camp De Masque Pavé, in the East of Mauritius.  I’m a second year second semester student. Mass Communication with majors in Marketing and Internet studies is what I’m studying. Charles Telfair Institute, Moka is where I’m studying. Studied at Sir Leckraz Teelock SSS till my School Certificate level and completed my Higher School Certificate at Mahatma Gandhi Institute. Cooking is a passion. My friends are my world. Time with them is awesome and time without them is cooking, watching television, music, surf the net and lot of other things.


2 responses

12 09 2012

Hi Rizvi. Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog. Let me know if you can’t find annatto seeds in your part of the world. I would love to have a food penpal across the globe.


20 09 2012

hello Darlene. I couldn’t find the seeds. Actually you know how I did my red rice, I used a spice called ‘zafran’, ever heard of it. It is a spice grown in Asia. It only gives colour and no taste.

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