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Why will you read about my blog? You may ask yourself, there are so many blogs out there about cooking, so why choose this one to read? Why choose to read a blog about cooking?

Choosing to read about cooking is because the kitchen knows no boundaries. No matter what culture you belong to, your age, gender, the pleasure of cooking is for all. Cooking is to have fun and share. Cooking forms part of our daily life so let us makes it fun.

You love cooking, so do I? While looking for blogs about cooking, you must have come across this blog.

This blog enables you to find easy recipes for cakes and other dishes. Everything is simplified for you here.

I also share my experiences of cooking on my blog and I’ll be posting my dishes recipe here for you. I will also share my cooking practices with my friends on my blog and how it was and also what new methods of cooking and ingredients I will use in my original recipes. When I post about recipes, I welcome people to comment on it. It is great to interact with you people, telling me that you have tried it and how you find it, was it a fine experience or not. Did they like it? I like people who have actually brought in some changes about the ingredients and come to share it with me. This is what this blog is all about; sharing. This is great for you to be, your cooking experience is the most welcome. I would love to hear what you’ve cook, how you did it, what was the fun, the new things you tried and it is going to be great fun. We going to have involvement from many people, we going to learn new things about cooking. I would not call this “my” blog, it will be OUR blog. Everyone brings in something.

The recipes here are really very easy and delicious, and any mothers passing by this blog have actually struck at the right place. Mothers will really like to try these and it will also great if they would share some easy and delicious recipes so as other mothers can try these.

I have also put some methods use in baking, this are the helpful tips that is available if you people read this blog. Apart from all this I’m also trying to put things about how to eat healthy.


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