The Attention Economy

Organic food vs. Conventional food

Tom: Jerry, organic food or conventional food?

Jerry: I eat both.

Tom: Which of the two foods, you think is more appropriate?

Jerry: You mean which one of organic food or conventional is safer to the human body?

Tom: Yes. You are aware surely that this is very much of a debate about which one is safer. Many are saying, organic food is safer and others going with conventional food. Many researchers have undergone various studies to demonstrate that organic food is much more nutritious than conventional food and most recently Stamford researches have done such studies.

Jerry: Well, Tom, Organic is where natural fertilizers such as manure and compost are used to feed the soil and the plant. So, this is a good point that goes to organic food.

Tom: You are right. Conventional is where chemical fertilizers are used for plant growth. All comes from laboratories using all chemical things. Yes, this is a minus point as these chemicals may prove to be harmful to the human body and also the environment.

Jerry: Tom, do you know how pests and diseases are controlled when growing organic plants?

Tom: I only know that they use fertilizers from natural sources.

Jerry: Yes, along with natural fertilizers, they also use beneficial insects and birds, mating disruptions to reduce pests and diseases.

Tom: Hey, this is great, only natural things. For conventional, synthetic pesticides are sprayed.

Jerry: Weeds are manually removed or environmentally generated plant-killing compounds are used.  For conventional, it will be synthetic herbicides, right? Organic foods, in terms of pesticide exposure, are very suitable to pregnant women, youngsters, and old people with chronic health disease.

Tom: Right and you know, for animals, growth hormones are injected to spur growth. Medications are given to prevent diseases.

Jerry: Organic feed is given to the animals and rational grazing and cleaning are done to decrease diseases. Did you know that some pesticides were the reason for cancer formation for some farmers?

Tom: No.

Jerry: In organic milk, the level of omega-3 is 79% higher than in conventional milk. Organic strawberries have more vitamin C than in conventional ones. Organic tomatoes also have more of a type of antioxidant.

Tom: You know what, Jerry. I’m going for only organic food now.

Jerry: However, you also know that a less ripen organic fruit may contain less vitamins than a conventional grown fruit.

Tom: Then, I think I’ll go for both but more for organic food. Milk will surely be organic one.


The Article is from the New-York Times;


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